Sneak peek: 2022 SpeakerS

Sallie Krawcheck
CEO, Ellevest
Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano
Investor & Entrepreneur
Wei Li
Global Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock
Cathie Wood
CEO & CIO of Ark Invest
Yoni Assia
CEO, eToro
Kyla Scanlon
Founder, Bread
Stephen Bird
CEO, abrdn
Sébastien Borget
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, The Sandbox
Brian Byrnes
Head of Personal Finance, MoneyBox
Atul Tiwari
CEO of Cult Wines Americas
Beth Kindig
Technology Analyst, I-O Fund
Karim Chedid
Head of Investment Strategy for iShares EMEA, BlackRock
Victoria Scholar
Head of Investment, Interactive Investor
Leif Abraham
Co-CEO at
Anthony Raza
Head of Multi Asset Strategy, UOB Asset Management
Felicia Hjertman
CEO & Founder, TILLIT
Jeremy Schwartz
Global Chief Investment Officer, WisdomTree Asset Management
Ludovic Subran
Chief Economist, Allianz
Mario von Bergen
Spint Invest, Co-Founder and Head of Investment
Maximilian Rofagha
CEO & Founder, Finimize
Susan Friedman
Head of Public Policy, Ripple
Joe Prendergast
Global Strategic Advisor, Goodbody Wealth
Kristin Smith
Executive Director, Blockchain Association
Craig Salm
Chief Legal Officer, Grayscale Investments
Esteban Ordano
Co-Founder, Decentraland
Ezra Levine
Ezra Levine - CEO, Collectable
+ More to be announced Soon
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2021 Speakers

Pascal Gauthier
CEO, Ledger
Mark Cuban
Neda Whitney
SVP, Christie's
Tim Draper