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A new era
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The pandemic gave rise to a new kind of investor. Through war, inflation and the unknown, we are entering a pivotal moment in their journey.

2023 will be the year that defines the culture and rules for the next era of investors.

It’s time to elevate informed voices, democratize access to quality information and bring the community together to enable smarter investing.
“This is among if not the most complex, dynamic environment I've ever seen in my career. We've obviously been through lots of cycles, but the confluence of the number of shocks to the system, to me is unprecedented.”
— John Waldron, President and COO of Goldman Sachs, June 2022


the big picture

the big picture

Gain insight from some of the world’s biggest CEOs, investors and economists on the outlook for 2023.

Navigating the markets

Navigating the markets

Discover unique methods to navigate the volatility and ever-changing nature of today’s markets.

World of WEB3

World of WEB3

Understand the role crypto will have in uncertain market conditions and figure out how to connect your own dots with your web3 portfolio.

Beyond The Obvious

Beyond The Obvious

Discover platforms where you can invest in new opportunities from private equity, to real estate and fine art.

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   To Expect

Deep Dives

We’re digging deeper into the largest trends today and finding new and untapped opportunities within. This is your chance to go beyond the obvious.


Expert investors teaching you everything you need to know about portfolio structuring, valuation, stock picking, and more.

Panel Discussions

Join panel discussions about the future of financial markets and the global economy and get answers to your top questions.

London Meet-Up

Join real-life sessions and a wrap-up party in London to mix with industry experts and modern investors face to face.


Learn From Others
Immerse yourself into the world of investing by surrounding yourself with leading industry experts and a super-engaged global community of retail investors.
Build Your Strategy
Strategy is more important than ever. Attend sessions, discover new tools & products and build a foundation to adapt to the new era.
Gain An Edge
Unravel investing opportunities within traditional assets classes, alternatives and Web3. Gain actionable insights from industry experts and level up your investment strategy.

Sneak Peek: 2022 SPEAKERS

Sallie Krawcheck
CEO, Ellevest
Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano
Investor & Entrepreneur
Wei Li
Global Chief Investment Strategist, BlackRock
Yoni Assia
CEO, eToro
Cathie Wood
CEO & CIO of Ark Invest
Stephen Bird
CEO, abrdn

The Best in The
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The Best in The
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